As painters and decorators, we offer you extensive services around your home. We'll be happy to provide consultation on projects, and our competence guarantees that we'll come up to standard. 


As an experienced company, we perform work reliably, at fair conditions and on time. Whether for interiors or exteriors, S.HALLETT DECORATORS is your dependable partner!


You'll find more information about our company and our offers on the following page. We look forward to giving your building a new coat of paint.


Our painting and decorating company performs both interior and exterior work. We renovate, wallpaper, plaster, clean and paint both your facade and interiors.


We combine long-standing experience with creativity and innovative techniques. This means that we can support your projects. Our clients' satisfaction provides our motivation and incentive to perform at our best every time we start a new project.


Fully insured from Simply Business for £2,000,000